Love Uncharted

10728578_1486507178279503_307916840_nI gave this book 5 Gold Stars


Love Uncharted is book 3 of the series and it takes you on the Roller Coaster Ride of Rayna and Azmir as their relationship begins to develops more and you get more into their relationship in this book. The twist and turns in this book was great and keep me on the edge of my seat as well as had me yelling at the book like the characters could hear me.

This book was dynamic and I cannot wait for part 4 because I definitely need to know how this series will end.

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Love Unexpected Review

10721367_1486507174946170_1689198925_n I gave this book 5 Gold Stars.

Love Unexpected was another great read and the storyline developed more since the first book which drew me all into the book.

While reading this book I feel like Love Belvin put me on a roller coaster and strapped me in and did not let me off the ride until the last page. The raw emotions that are displayed in this book will touch your mind, body and soul. Rayna and all insecurities was so relatable to me because sometime when you have been hurt and disappointed you developed insecurities that are hard to let go of.

This story continues the love story between Rayna and Azmir is still going thru it issues but it encompasses true love that has other things that must be work thru before love will take over. The patience that Azmir displays is remarkable and makes you fall for him from day one .

The love scene are scorching and well developed and helps you to understand the dynamics of their relationship. This novel has all the right elements, and it makes you go thru all kind of emotions will you read it.

In conclusion, this is a great follow up to the first book.

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