You Get What You Pray For

Book Title  You Get What you Pray

Paperback Pages 288

ISBN-10: 1601626975 

ISBN-13: 978-1601626974

Publisher : Urban Books (January 27,2015)

Genre : Christian Fiction

About The Author:


Joylynn M. Ross now writing as BLESSEDselling Author E.N. Joy (Everybody Needs Joy)

BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy is the writer behind the five book series, “New Day Divas,” the three book series, “Still Divas,” the three book series, “Always Divas,” and the forthcoming three book series, “Forever Divas,” which have been coined “Soap Operas in Print.” She is an Essence Magazine Bestselling Author who wrote secular books under the names Joylynn M. Jossel and JOY.

After thirteen years of being a paralegal in the insurance industry, E. N. Joy finally divorced her career and married her mistress and her passion; writing. In 2000, she formed her own publishing company where she self-published her books until landing a book deal with a major publisher. Under her company she has published New York Times and Essence Magazine Bestselling authors in the “Sinner Series.” In 2004, E. N. Joy branched off into the business of literary consulting where she provides one-on-one consulting and literary services such as ghost writing, editing, professional read-throughs, write behinds, etc… Her clients consist of first time authors, Essence Magazine bestselling authors, New York Times bestselling authors and entertainers. This award winning author has been sharing her literary expertise on conference panels in her home town of Columbus, Ohio as well as cities across the country.

Not forsaking her love of poetry, E. N. Joy’s latest poetic project is an ebook of poetry titled Flower In My Hair. “But my spirit has moved in another direction,” E. N. Joy says. Needless to say, she no longer pens street lit (in which two of her titles, If I Ruled the World and Dollar Bill, made the Essence Magazine bestsellers list. Dollar Bill appeared in Newsweek and has been translated to Japanese). She no longer pens erotica or adult contemporary fiction either, in which her title written with New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson, An All Night Man, earned the Borders bestselling African American romance award.

You can find this author’s children’s book titled The Secret Olivia Told Me, written under the name N. Joy, in book stores now. The Secret Olivia Told Me received a Coretta Scott King Honor from the American Library Association. The book was also acquired by Scholastic Books and has sold over 100,000 copies. She also has a tween/young adult ebook titled Operation Get Rid of Mom’s New Boyfriend and a children’s fairytale ebook titled Sabella and the Castle Belonging to the Troll. Elementary and middle school children have fallen in love with reading and creative writing as a result of the readings and workshops E. N. Joy performs in schools nationwide.

E. N. Joy is the acquisition editor for Urban Christian, an imprint of Urban Books in which the titles are distributed by Kensington Publishing Corporation. In addition, she is the artistic developer for a young girl group named DJHK Gurls. She pens original songs, drama skits and monologues for the group that deal with messages that affect today’s youth, such as bullying.

You can visit BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy at or email her at | BLESSEDselling Author, E. N. Joy

E.N. Joy takes over 14 years of wisdom, knowledge, expertise, research, hard work and experience in the literary industry and assist aspiring authors or authors who just don’t know what to do next to reach their dreams of becoming published… more
About the Book
Lorain has been a prisoner of secrets almost all of her life. At the age of thirteen, she’d managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, discarding the infant she’d given birth to and leaving it for dead. She also never revealed the fact that the baby’s father was her middle school guidance counselor. Years later, Lorain’s mother had finally met the love of her life, and Lorain couldn’t find the courage to tell her mother that her new beau was the man who molested Lorain. To complicate matters, Lorain discovered that the baby she’d abandoned all those years ago had survived, and God had placed Lorain in the now adult child’s life. It seemed liked the legacy of secrets had been passed on, too, as Lorain helped her daughter conceal the true details behind her own pregnancy.

Lorain has managed to maneuver the secrets and lies like a strategic game of chess, and is now living the lavish fairytale life of a doctor’s wife. But even that is a lie. With the rug about to be pulled from underneath Lorain by the woman who raised her abandoned child, all Lorain prays for is that everything will end well. In this cycle of lies, secrets, shame, and guilt, will Lorain get what she prays for?

Excerpt From You Get What you Pray for :

“I wouldn’t change this million dollar lifestyle for two million,” Lorain said as she stood in the middle of her great room, admiring the soft yellow painted vault ceiling and custom designed crystal chandelier. Sitting on the sand colored couch with yellow accent pillows always made Lorain feel as though she was sitting on one of the beaches of St. Maarten. Although she, her husband and twin daughters had lived in their built from the ground up house for almost a year, every day that she woke up in her home was still like a dream come true. For the first couple of weeks she would wake up, run downstairs, go stand in the middle of the great room and not only admire it, but she would spin around in awe; kind of like Belle when Beast introduced her to the library in his castle.

She had been introduced to something all right; the good life. And just thinking about how good her life was at that very moment, she felt the urge rise up inside of her to give it a good ole spin. So there she went doing her fairytale, Gone with the Wind I’m so fabulous and so is life spin. As her spinning came to a slow, winding halt she asked herself, “How does a wretch like me go from the hood life to the good life?”

Dressed in a white, silky-satin, short sleeve, puffy shoulder with ruffles down the front blouse, a red pencil skirt, and crystal studded, strappy four inch heels, all by designers whose names she couldn’t pronounce without practicing several times out loud, Lorain felt like a queen. And no one could tell her she didn’t reside in a palace. The five bedroom, four and a half bath, finished basement with a grand wine cellar, stainless-steel gourmet kitchen, exquisite dining room, to die for great room, six thousand square feet home was everything she had prayed for…and then some. The lower level mini theatre that could seat a little over a half dozen and the modest indoor pool was the then some. The gray, black and white marble Jacuzzi in her master suite that could fit four adults was just heaven. The custom made walk-in closet was the size of her bedroom when she was a little girl. As a matter of fact, Lorain had subconsciously had it painted in the same teal green color of her childhood sleeping quarters.

But she had come a long way from those days. She was now living the life she’d dreamed about. Her heavenly father had gone above and beyond in fulfilling her heart’s desires. There wasn’t a thing left she could dare fix her lips to ask for. So now that Lorain had everything that she had ever prayed for, who needed God? Her answer would soon come.

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Chatting it up with Romance Writer Love Belvin….



1) Who is Love Belvin the person and the writer?

Love Belvin the person is a lover of people. She enjoys engaging and observing them. Weird, but true. She enjoys reading and wine sipping.

Love Belvin the writer is a bit of a recluse. She prefers alone time to unleash her mind…process energies and hear from characters. She, too, enjoys wine sipping!

2) Who is Love Belvin’s favorite and least favorite character from your works?

I think I have several favorites, and they’re not the hero and heroines of my projects. These are subsidiary character who brings comic relief that offsets the drama. So, of Love’s Improbable Possibility (L.I.P.), my favorites are Azmir’s close friends, Mark Richardson and Eric Gerrity, and his attorney Edward Chesney. They are hilarious characterizations, if I may say so myself. They’re comedic, but quirky, which I find amusing.

I would have to think about my least(s). I record characters rather than create them. I don’t work to build them. I simply give you what they give me. Hmmmm… Maybe Sebastian Adams of L.I.P. is my least favorite. He’s such a corny guy who tried to use and control Rayna. He made my skin crawl.  

3) What is on your personal and career bucket list?

The first thing that comes to mind is to meet Oprah Winfrey and visit her main home as her guest. I’d love to absorb some of her energy. I also plan to travel a lot more and experience new cultures.

4) In 100 words or less describe Love Belvin’s works that are published

So, the first of my works is the Love’s Improbable Possibility series. It’s about the journey of a young girl’s life from the perils of an urban environment, to her discovering her inability to trust, to her stumbling upon love with a determined and powerful man. The journey spans four full-length novels, starting with Love Lost and ending with Love Redeemed, titles indicative of her evolution. I’m quite proud of my first “baby” because it showcases the progression of my writing style.

The second project is a series called Waiting to Breathe. We just released the first of the two book series this week, called Love Delayed. This story is about a man and young woman having, on the surface, nothing in common and just as likely a chance to meet. However, they do cross paths and discover they have similar interests and an undeniable chemistry. Their journey is rough, but we watch as they spend a considerable amount of time waiting on their love.

5) Are you an avid reader and If so what are some genres that you enjoy reading?

I am! It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I’m strictly a contemporary romance girl. I thoroughly enjoy reading about a blossoming relationship between a man and woman. Call me corny—perhaps nosy, but that my thing. LOL!

6) Where can readers like me find Love Belvin?

Of course, you can find up to date information on my website:, but I’m also on social media.





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Living in Fear By Keyanna Ford


cover 1Tia Green came from Kalamazoo, a small town in Michigan. From the time she was a child, Tia had known exactly what she wanted out of life and had already dreamed about how to get it a thousand times over. Tia had always planned on attending the University of Michigan with her childhood friend where they both wanted to become nurses. She worked hard in high school and made sure she got good grades. Eventually, That hard work paid off, She was admitted early to U of M with a full scholarship. After going on the college tour, life changed for her in ways she would have never believed… Ace was the guy that everybody dreamed they had. He was smart, sexy, and athletic, not to mention, the star of University of Michigan s football team. See, Ace turned heads wherever he went, and people were always striving for his attention, but Ace could care less. He was a player who didn t believe in giving his heart away to any female due to his childhood, but that all changed when he met Tia. She was everything he had ever wanted, and most importantly, she reminded him of his late mother whom he lost at a young age. Ace thought Tia was perfect for him. He thought he would finally get the family he had always wanted. He never imagined she’d betray him, especially not with the only other person he loved… Tia and Ace started with a fairytale romance, truly in love. As true colors bleed out from the cracks of their exteriors, the couple discovered that their fairytale romance was turning into a painful nightmare and the dream filled partnership was on its way to ruins.


            “Bitch, do you think I’m stupid? I fucking heard you say, ‘That was fast’ when I was knocking on the door just a minute ago, so who the fuck were you talking about? And why are you in a room anyways?” he questioned, chocking me harder. I started clawing at his hand, trying to pry it off my neck, but his grip was too tight, and it was getting harder for me to breathe. He wasn’t letting go until I told him who was in the room, but I’ll be damned if I admit to anything.

“Please…let me go,” I whimpered, still trying to pry his hand off.

“Please, what?” he screamed. I can’t hear you, Tia!” He looked me in my eyes choking me harder with every word. “If I find out you’re here with somebody, I’m going to kill you and him. Do you hear me?”

I started kicking my legs and trying to push him off me, but Ace wouldn’t move. Then everything went dark, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up to him standing over me, slapping my in the face and yelling my name.

“What happened?” I asked, looking around the room, out of it. His hands slid to his sides as he towered over me.

“You passed out,” Ace said, peering down at me. He stopped slapping me and stood over me.

“That’s because you wouldn’t stop choking me,” I snapped, rubbing my sore neck.

Just as I finished my sentence there was a knock at the door. I already knew who it was, but I was praying Ace didn’t hear it and he would just go away.

“What was that?” Ace said looking around then turning towards the door.

“Nothing,” trying to act like I didn’t just hear anything, but then it happened again, and it was no was no mistaking the knock this time.

“Somebody’s at the door,” Ace said, his voice menacing, “Let’s go see who it is.” He walked to the door.

I already knew I was in deep shit. I know when this door opens, its over for me, I thought as I sat on the bed, rubbing my stomach. I haven’t even told him I’m pregnant yet, but at this point, it’s really too late. He’s not going to believe it’s his, and when this door opens, I’m dead. As I looked at the door and saw that Ace was already turning the knob, my heart sunk in my stomach and I started shaking. Wanting to run and hide, but I knew there was no use. Whatever was coming my way, I had to prepare for it. The door opened, and the two men in my life stood face- to- face. I could see the pure fear and shock wash over my lovers face.

Ace stood there for a minute in silence, and then calmly closed the door, leaving him in the hallway. He turned towards me with nothing but hate in his eyes. He started walking my way. I just sat there hanging my head and wondering how I got into this situation. I was supposed to be at college, living the young, fun, and party life, but instead I was here, fighting for mines. Tears formed in my eyes as I thought about that tour that changed my life forever.


imageKeyanna was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, she has always been into school but never knew exactly what she wanted to do. She graduated from Loy Norrix High School in 2005 with high honor and went to college where she studied Criminal Justice at Kalamazoo Valley Community College first then went on to get her bachelors at Western Michigan University where she doubled major and graduated with two majors in Criminal Justice and Social Psychology. After going through a bad situation Keyanna decided to write about it where she discovered her love for writing and that’s how her debut novel “Living in Fear’ came to life.


1)      What made you start writing?


I started writing for therapy. I was going through a bad relationship and didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, I would have usually read a book in this situation but I decided to put it in a book instead. No that does not mean my book is an autobiography, it means it fiction based on a little fact.


2)      Give us an insight into your main character, why is he/she so special?


Tia Green is a high school senior, she naïve and a little innocent. She gets good grades, never had a boyfriend or even kissed a guy until Ace comes along. Tia fell head over heels for Ace as most of us did for our first love, it’s just too bad things changed in a blink of an eye and dreams started to become nightmares.


Tia is special because she’s relatable. How many females have lost themselves in what we thought was love? I know too many and Tia is no exception. Tia is an example of how quick things can change and one wrong decision can change your life forever.


3)      Where do your ideas come from?


My ideas come from real life events, I’ll take something that happened and expand on it. Not necessarily, something that happened to me but maybe something that happened to one of my friends.

4)      Do you read often, if so who’s your favorite authors?


Yes, I love to read. Reading has been my passion since about middle school, the first book I ever read was dope fiend by Donald Goines. It was so descriptive it was like watching a movie in my head and that’s when I fell in love with books.


I love to read Wahida Clark books, she’s my favorite author along with Deja King. I also love Nikki Turner, Ashley & JaQuavis. That’s just to name a few, there’s so many other authors I read and I discover new ones every day.


5)      Do you write every day, if not how often?

No I don’t write every day, sometimes I go weeks without writing. I binge write as I call it meaning I write nonstop for a few weeks straight, leave for a few week then come back and finish.


6)      What’s the hardest thing about writing?

The hardest thing about writing to me is incorporating more than just your main characters. For me I could have wrote about Ace and Tia all day but they had to have friends and a family. Making sure everything flowed and the timeline was right was also a challenge.


7)      What are you working on at this moment?

I’m current working on the sequel to “Living in Fear” which should be out next year, along with my third novel not related to this series that I haven’t titled yet.







Monique Chanae Tillman

10468549_10152605974538164_3539429875241769044_nAuthor Monique Chanae is a Newark, New Jersey native, mother of two and a natural born storyteller. She has had a passion for writing ever since she learned to put pen to pad, beginning her first full length novel the summer of her 8th grade year. Her journey into the publishing industry started when she contributed the short story “Heiress” to the When it Rains it Pours anthology alongside authors Shan, YungLit and Dama Cargle in July 2012. Her debut novel “Lighter to My Cigarette” was released in September of the same year. Her next release was a novella entitled “Motives: Everybody’s Got One” released in January 2013. Monique is currently working on several different novels, each belonging to an array of genres to entice readers of every kind.

Follow her on all Social media @MoniqueChanae (instaGram, Twitter, and Facebook).


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Motives 2: The Reunion (available only in ebook format): Heiress: Chivalry is Dead (standalone novel– available only in ebook format):


Also Monique will be the Feature Author August 11-17th in United Sister’s  Book Club on  Facebook….


Jasmin Johnston

unnamed1Jasmin Johnston, born and raised in the Bay Area, grew up on the streets of East Oakland were crime was very apparent. Refusing to become a product of her environment, she fought to turn the negatives into positives and began pursuing her dream of sharing her encounters with the world. At the age of 21 while fulfilling a debt to society, she documented her life’s experiences which resulted in her first book, ‘A Hustlaz Drama. Currently residing in Vallejo, Jasmin continues to allow the pen to tell her stories.


For some, when money is the motivation, the motto is to get it by any means necessary. When love is the motivation, some will fight to maintain their position at the #1 spot. Journey with Zeh’Shown while he walks and squawks the maze of his concrete jungle in search of the culprit who tired to shake the foundation of his empire. With all the toes he’d stepped on to achieve his status, there were a number of those who welcomed his demise. Frustration sets in when his search yields no results. All the while, the person causing all the turmoil was a part of his inner circle. This is a Hustlaz Drama.


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Kierra Petty Queens Checkmate

10308090_10204566440307298_9170602278838662233_nBorn and raised in Southern California, Kierra Petty has had aspirations of becoming an entertainment magnate since she was eight years old. In 2007, she received first place for the Friar’s Charitable Foundation’s Martin Roth Student Screenwriting award, where she completed her first feature length script at the tender age of sixteen. This aspiring filmmaker, is the author of best sellers “A Queen’s Checkmate 1 & 2”. Three months after graduating college, she signed a book deal with Leo Sullivan Productions. A graduate of Georgia State University with a B.A. in Film and Video Production, she has been grinding nonstop to build her reputation as a creative powerhouse. She is a videographer, songwriter, editor; you name it creatively she is that. She also ¼ of The Literary Ladies of the ATL, which is a show striving to depict black women in a positive light while also demonstrating the various hustles of these strong women. Along with the LLOTATL, Kierra Co-Hosts a weekly Blog called Lit Ish’ where they interview and introduce fellow authors to the public. This woman is a go-getter with various film and literary works in progress. Kierra is striving to become a visionary for the next generation, she is limitless in content and works to create and tell innovative stories; under her emerging production company Petty Thoughts Productions.


1975169_743072949057967_5243122430067829739_nPain and tragedy never came in a more beautiful shell. A Queen’s Checkmate is the story of Amira, a girl becoming a woman, jaded by the disappointment of being failed by those around her. After the simultaneous death of her twin brother and loss of her own innocence, she is trained to be a beast, hungry for revenge. Yet, as she grows so does her thirst for blood. Unfortunately her burgeoning feelings of love and lust ultimately derail her mission. Will she find the satisfaction she wanted in the form of payback, ultimately making the biggest power move of checkmate or will she find that there is no satisfaction after revenge.


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10341480_10204336173950783_6219060074034583123_nJump back into the story of Amira, as she tries to free herself from her own mistakes. Having attempted to gain her own revenge, she finds herself fighting for her life and waiting for the men in her life to come save her. Disgusted and feeling betrayed, Bri$$ wants no part of Amira and battles with whether she’s worth the trouble. After an intimate run in with a past flame, will Bri$$ find it in his heart to save the woman he thought he loved, or will he let the Queen meet her demise?

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Ribbon Of Hope

1012061_491612497614420_67176851_nHave you ever experienced something in your life that caused you to lose your way? Ever encountered an event that you never could have anticipated and were completely unprepared for? Have you ever suffered through feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and fear that you felt you couldn’t escape?

Ribbon of Hope describes the journey of a son struggling through his mother’s battle with breast cancer. It reveals the internal battle that takes place and almost derails his life on his journey to accepting the unexpected and finding a way to survive. Through the troubling events and influences of others throughout his storm, he realizes that even in the midst of a hopeless situation, God has a way of restoring hope when all seems lost.”


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10407485_10154310701755215_5420837866628045854_n J. Bowers  (The Author)