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Thou shall kill: in order to live! Being a drug lords’ woman proves to be no easy task; especially when you’re obligated to take over the business that has been nurtured by your man for countless years.
After the arrest of her lover, Carlos, Kamille ‘Kami’ Lathan, holds down the business until his long awaited return. Kamille quickly learns that nothing last forever as she witnesses Carlos’ murder in their own home.
Abandoned, now for the second time in her life and feeling indebted to him; she immediately picks up where he left off. With Carlos’ best friend Joe, by her side, Kamille can’t go wrong. Always a lover of the streets and respected throughout the city of Atlanta, Kamille finds it easier, by the day, to take another persons’ life in order to maintain the crown that has been passed to her.
Having her best friend, Natasha, around to assist in the day-to-day dealings of the dope world; they form a clique of female hustlers, gangsters, murderers and robbers. With Kamille holding the lead, the group is unstoppable.
While plotting her revenge on the king pin believed to be responsible for Carlos’ death, Kamille’s life begins to spiral out of control. Her once desirable life quickly becomes an erupted volcano with never ending duplicity. Greed sheds light on so-called friends and jealousy of Kamille’s success rears its ugly head; life as she knows it, falls apart. Who can she trust? Where can she turn? Giving up and bailing out is not an option.
For reasons unknown, Kamille finds herself wanted dead by those she once shared close bonds with. Stemming from an entourage that catered to her every need; she finds herself nearly alone with only a few people in the world that she can completely depend on. Creating new plans, moving fast, meeting new hustlers and murdering her enemies is the only way for her to maintain her rightfully earned title as the Candy Lady.
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Up until age twelve Frobidden had been raised in the dumps of Liberty Square aka Pork & Beans Project in Miami. After her entire family is murdered she is tossed from different foster homes all over the city. At age twenty one while working at Pole Paradise as a dancer she is consequently reunited with Chocolate Evans her long lost foster sister and starts working for Chocolate s escort service. With more money coming in Forbidden goals become reality and things start to look up. She even meets and falls for Robert a well respected Senator in the Miami area who showers her with every material and lavish thing she could ever imagine. But Robert s true identity quickly starts to unveil leaving her with gut wrenching doubt. Then at a party Forbidden is introduced to Lem a known dealer in Miami. But past vows against drug dealers make her resist him. By all accounts her life starts to seem at odds as decisions and reality stack up against her. Tragic skeletons start to crawl and before long old wounds lie wide open. With no way out she is faced with her tainted past with no clear picture of the future.
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Synopsis :
Leona fell in love and married the man of her dreams. She never bothered to tell him about her past or about her family. As an successful attorney, married to a Seargant; they lived their lives with no cares or worries. Just when Leona thinks that her life is semi perfect, she is faced with the past who has caught up with her and now threatening to reveal her past life to her husband. Leona world gets turned upside down in a blank of an eye. She is forced to tell her husband the truth about the life she had before they met. Little does she know, her husband has secrets of his own. She will soon find out that love can be a deadly word.
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Excerpt :

The Black Widow Murders (THE CHRONCLES OF DAVID HANGER Series )

February 8, 2014 at 7:43pm


~The Black Widow Murders ~




“Damnboy, your dick is orgasmic, out of this world even,” I said to him as Istraddled and inserted his dick inside of my pussy.

I begin to ride him with the speed of alocomotive train. I started working my hips and popping my ass.

He beginsto moan, “I have never had a woman ride me like this,” He said to me in betweenbreaths, “I didn’t think you could handle it baby.  I love you woman.” He said to me as I rotated o reverse cowgirl with his dick still inside of me.

My eyes begin to search the hotel room to see what I could kill him with.  Tonight isour six month anniversary.  I have waitedlong enough since my last kill; it has almost been a year.

I really enjoy the thrill of a kill. It excitesme and turns me on. There is something about a man lying there in his own poolof blood that brings me to orgasmic bliss. After I fuck them, I kill them.

I had been fucking Miguel McGeorge for the past six months.  I really have enjoyed fuckinghim.  His dick felt nice deep divingwithin my pussy.  I guess that is the reason why it has taken me so long to eliminate him.  Once he or she falls in love with me, Ibecome bored. Then the process of elimination begins.

I reached down between his legs and started massaging his balls.  I wanted to testthe tightness so I could gauge how long it will be before he would blow his load.

“Damn my baby,” Miguel said to me, “I am receiving the best pussy I have ever had in mylife right now.  If you aren’t careful, Imight just make you my wife,” He mumbled to me as I leaned sideways to reachunder the mattress.

Between the mattresses, I stored a pair of rubber gloves and stainless steel fabric scissors.  I looked back at Miguel to see if he was watchingme.  He wasn’t.  His eyes were closed and he seemed to been joying my ride.  Too bad this will behis last ride.

While I continued to pump my hips on his dick, I slide my fingers into the gloves.  Ileaned to the side again to reach for my scissors.  Jackpot! I found them.  I placed myscissors on top of the blanket we were lying on and begin to massage his ballsagain.

His balls were nice and tight.  I wanted him to cum and cum hard.  I started rotating my hips counter clockwiseand continued to massage his balls.  Indeed to cut them right after the first throb of his orgasm.  I must time it just right.

Miguel began to massage my ass as I rode.  I knew it wouldn’t be long now.  He was so caught up in the love we weremaking that he didn’t notice that I had on rubber gloves.

“I am about to cum baby.  I hope you are ready for this load I am aboutto dump in you,” Miguel said in a strained voice.

I lifted his balls, and slightly pulled them out away from his body.  I picked up thescissors and prepared to make the cut while his dick was inside of me.

“Oh God baby, your pussy is so good.  I really love the way you massage my ballswhile you ride.  You have never done thatbefore. I am about to burst-” were the last words he said before I cut off hisballs.

Snip, snip, snip went the scissors on his balls.I hopped off his dick like lightening quick, quick, quick.  I then began to stab him in his chest,stomach, and arms.  I stabbed him 48times.  He tried to put up a fight, butto no avail.  He no longer had anyballs.  I lifted his testicles off theblanket and shoved them in his mouth.

Blood splatter was everywhere.  I rolled off of his dick and lay on the bednext to him.  His body was stillwarm.  The shock on his face was pureevident of his unexpectedness.

I reached down between my legs and started stroking my clit.  I picked up his leftarm and placed it on my breast as if he was massaging them.  I increased the stroking action between mylegs.  I slid his hand down to my clitand begin fucking his hand.

“Oh myGod, I am about to cum.” I said out loud. I orgasm until I screamed his name, Miguel.

I laid there next to him until I could catch my breath.  Once I did, I removed myselffrom the bed and hopped into the shower.

I donned on my change of clothes and put on a blonde colored wig. I walked over to my purse that was sitting in thechair.  Searching in my purse, I foundexactly what I was looking for.  Iremoved a bowtie that I custom made.   I walked over to the body and dressed him witha red bow tie around his neck and then I left. I am glad that this motel has minimum security; I can slip out, just asI slipped in.

I am the BLACK WIDOW, and my goal is to make you love me.

September 1st 2011When you find this Journal, don’t just tuck it away. Don’t include it in the evidence to be concealed from the public eye. Read it, and tell the people what’s inside. Tell them my story. I want them to know what really happened. I want them to know why it all had to end. Why everyone involved had to die.Without RegretDawnNigerian born, Dawn Adeyemo has fled to America to start a new life but has found nothing but heartbreak and betrayal. Follow her journey from innocent school girl to cold-blooded killer.SEX, MURDER, LIES, & MAYHEM! FIND OUT WHY EVERYONE HAS TO DIE!

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Precious: A young troubled teen who becomes tremendously infatuated with sex by secretly viewing her mother’s sexcapades and triple x movies. After getting caught reenacting what she sees, she runs away from home and seeks refuge in the streets of East Hammond,IN where she becomes vividly exposed to the rugged street life.Cuz: A focused hustler who’s recently released from serving a 5 year sentence. Cuz places Precious under his wings, but only if she agrees to earn her keep by any means necessary. On their rise to power they encounter Shree, LaToya, Sonya, and Neicey. All five women have the same agenda needed for their journey at hand and agrees to live by Cuz’s creed. “Never bite the hand that feeds you, unless that hand tries to slap the taste out of your mouth.”

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