Sasha LaShae Author Spotlight!!!



Sasha LaShae is a born and raised Ohio native, currently living in Cincinnati with her husband and 4 children.  She began writing poetry as a stress reliever in 2003 and after many years of reading some of her favorite authors, mostly in the Horror/Thriller genre, a spark for writing Thriller fiction was ignited and she began working on The App.  The App was released on February 4th, 2014 and she is currently working on the second installment titled The App 2.0 and hoping for its release in early April.

Question and Answer :

1.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the writing Industry ?

Having a few best sellers on the market and the making of The App movie in the works.

2.) Is there any genres that you are afraid to venture into?

Not necessarily afraid, just not comfortable writing about what I’m not passionate about or know about, I don’t want to have to write solely from research about a topic I feel the writing wouldn’t come through at genuine and the readers would be disappointed so I would have to say: Romance Novels and Urban Fiction.

3.) What is the inspiration behind The App

Seeing a lot of layoffs in the world including within my own life I have seen the struggle of what it takes and what you will do to make sure your family doesn’t struggle, so why not have something that could give you everything and problem solved.  I used a phone app because I have worked in the telecommunication field for 16 years so it was a natural transition for me.

4.) How do you write your novel i.e.  Do you use outlines or do your free flow write ?

The first book I wrote Chapter by Chapter letting it free flow writing notes if I thought of something I wanted to incorporate into the story.  With The App 2.0 I wrote out plots and the ending and write chapters as I feel them instead of in order and will piece it together at the end.

5.) What can readers expect from you in the near future ?

I am working on The App 2.0 and expect to release that late March or early April.  I have another book I will be working on after that giving you the same type of thriller/suspense with a twist of technology but totally different from The App and the main character will be a young, intelligent black female.

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Buy The App :

The App


What if you were offered anything you could imagine at the touch of a finger? Would you take it?

Alex Mainer is a stay at home dad taking care of his twin daughters while his wife struggles as the sole breadwinner.

During one of Alex’s web searches he comes across an opportunity of a lifetime in the form of a phone app. He accepts this opportunity but it comes at a cost.

Skeptical of the app’s power his requests start small and soon his family is living comfortably. But as the pending payment for the app approaches worry increases as he doesn’t have what is owed.

In a desperate moment Alex uses the app to get the remaining money he needs. This one request leads him and those around him down a road of betrayal, lust, harm and even death. This book is guaranteed to take you on an erotic and gruesome thrill ride. Read today and see if Alex can survive the wrath of The App.

Excerpt :

 They stopped by the cashier and collected their winnings in the form of a cashier’s check and checked out of the hotel, and were soon heading to the airport ready to return home to their girls. As they wait to board their flight, Alex takes a moment to look at Lindsay, she has on leggings, boots, a loose sweater and her hair is pulled back in a high ponytail. Just a comfy outfit to fly home in but the site of her is breathtaking. Alex had to readjust in his seat to hide the bulge arising in his pants, Lindsay looks up from her magazine and says “What?” noticing Alex staring at her, he responds “Nothing” and calmly pulls out his phone. He pulls up the app and the request was simple, mile high club, don’t get caught, done, Alex smiles.

Soon they can hear their boarding call and they line up, he lets Lindsay walk in front of him, he slides his hands around her waist and pulls her into an embrace as he whispers “I need you…now!”

She giggles and says “In due time Mr. Mainer” and kisses his cheek. Soon they are walking to their seats, Lindsay has the window seat, Alex is in the aisle. As the flight attendant walks by he asks for a blanket, she obliges and brings him a blanket. Moments later they are ascending and after leveling off they settle in for their flight home.

Alex opens the blanket asking “Care to snuggle with me?”

Lindsay takes the remainder of the blanket wraps it around her and comes in close to Alex. Leaning in this close she can smell the scent of his cologne, she inhales deeply, intoxicated by the aroma begins to rub on his chest thru his shirt. Alex begins to readjust nervously once again, as her movements begin to go lower until her hand is hovered right above his belt. She wants to make sure her motives are being recognized and feels for his erection thru his pants and is pleased to feel it beneath her fingertips.

Alex whispers “Mrs. Mainer, what are you doing?” she responds “Its due time.”

She swiftly unfastens his belt and pants and is soon sliding her hand down and teasing just the tip with her finger, he puts his head back, closes his eyes and bites his bottom lip to avoid moaning. Next, Lindsay takes hold of him and begins stroking slowly as to not disturb the blanket, up and over, then back down, him having to restrain his emotions and knowing how bad he wants to feel her, turns her on, so she moves a little faster. This time when she rubs the tip with her finger she can feel his wetness, that’s when she says “Excuse me I have to use the restroom” and stands up, steps past him and walks toward the back of the plane. Alex’s eyes pop open in shock, one because she just stopped so abruptly, but two because once again the app worked.

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